Enterprise Risk Management

Enterprise Risk Management too often becomes a buzz-word and just another regulatory burden. Verittas takes and approach to ERM that will provide management with a clear and concise view of events that could impact the achievement of your objectives. We use a top-down approach that is complemented by a bottom-up assessment process. We integrate objectives from other assessments performed within your institution such as the strategic plan and the internal audit risk assessment to provide a comprehensive entity-wide program.

  • Take a practical approach to ERM 
  • Link to other areas such as Capital & Strategic Planning 
  • Systematic Process to Identify Risks & Opportunities -- enterprise-wide
  • Evaluate Impacts across All Regulatory Risks
  • Empower the Board and Management to Identify, Evaluate, Mitigate & Exploit Internal and External Risks

    • Cyber/IT
    • IRRM/Market
    • Compliance
    • Credit
    • Liquidity
    • Operational
    • Fraud
    • Internal Audit
    • Accounting/Reporting
    • Strategic
    • Reputation/Legal Risk


Representative Projects

Assisted a multi-billion institution to design and implement an ERM strategy in conjunction with a regulatory enforcement action. Successfully guided the institution through the process and the release of the formal agreement.